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Woodly is the safest Handicraft Toys Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh. The easiest memento to bring back from India is a toy. They are handcrafted, distinctive, and have a strong Indian identity. They are also light and compact, so they won't take up much room in the suitcase. Furthermore, it makes no difference where in the nation you are because each area has its own unique tradition of toys. Woodly is the top choice when it comes to Wooden Moulding Manufacturers, known for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship.


We are the most dedicated Handicraft Toys in Vijayawada. Although our Handicraft toys are made from a variety of materials, the most common being wood and clay, the themes are largely the same: animals, birds, people, deities, mythological characters, and scenes from daily life. Some toys are completely abstract, while others are more realistic. Some toys are painted in natural colours, while others are brilliantly coloured. Some toys are inexpensive, while others are rather pricey. However, every toy is unique and demonstrates a fantastic level of imagination.


We are known as the Adaptable Handicraft Toys Exporters and Suppliers in India. Most of our handicraft toys are affordable and very attractive. Most of the time our toys are loved by everyone as we make them in such a way that they look very real and children enjoy a lot to play with them. The greatest option is our handmade toys because they are both incredibly distinctive and reasonably priced. People are so enamored with our creations that they go ga-ga over them. 

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